When to Build A Pool

in Phoenix & Scottsdale

February emerges as the prime time to embark on your pool construction dream in Scottsdale & Phoenix. Opting for construction during this month ensures a seamless process, allowing you to dive into your new pool just in time to make a splash when the summer season arrives.

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What Month Should You Build Your Pool in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona?

Best Time for Pool Construction

As the scorching Arizona sun soon will beat down, residents of Phoenix and Scottsdale often find themselves yearning for a refreshing escape. What better way to beat the heat and elevate your outdoor living experience than by investing in a pool? Building a pool is a significant decision, and choosing the right time for pool construction can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process. In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that influence the best time to build a pool in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Factors Influencing the Timing:

  1. Weather Conditions: Phoenix and Scottsdale are known for their hot and arid climate. The ideal time to start construction is in February, just as the cooler temperatures of late winter transition into the warmth of early spring. This ensures that construction can progress comfortably without the challenges posed by extreme heat.
  2. Permitting Process: The permitting process for pool construction can take some time. Starting the process in February allows for a more efficient and timely approval, ensuring that your pool is ready to enjoy by the time summer arrives.
  3. Landscaping Considerations: Building a pool often involves landscaping adjustments. Choosing a time when plants are dormant in February can minimize the impact on your existing landscape and help the new additions blend seamlessly with your outdoor space.
  4. Availability of Contractors: Scheduling pool construction in February may increase the availability of skilled contractors. This can result in a faster and more personalized construction experience.

Best Time to Build:

Considering these factors, the optimal time to start building a pool in Phoenix and Scottsdale is in February. Beginning construction during this month allows for completion in time to enjoy your new pool during the summer months, maximizing the pleasure of your outdoor oasis.


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