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Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning Service

Your pool provides countless hours of entertainment but that usage means it’s bound to get dirty over time. So if you need thorough pool cleaning service, turn to Remodel Your Pool. We’re here to provide the cleaning service you need to get your pool looking its best.

Full Service (Weekly)

  • Maintain water balance
  • Maintain sanitizer levels
  • Monitor for prevention and take action against combined chlorine, algae, and other harmful water conditions
  • Vacuum pool surface as needed to remove dirt, leaves, and debris
  • Brush pool surfaces to extend surface life and prevent algae
  • Empty skimmer, pump, and automatic cleaner baskets and bags
  • Monitor filtration system for proper function and backwash when needed
  • Inspect pool equipment for proper operation and proactively notify you when repairs need to be completed
  • Access to our customer web portal where you can review service visit details as well as invoice history and even make payments online

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